• Protecting the environment, including preventing pollution to the environment.
  • Complying to the applicable legal and other requirements.

Certified Environmental Professional in Scheduled Waste Management (CePSWaM)

Competent Person for CePSWaM 1) Lee Gaik Im
2) Chew Peng Choon


In Action Industries, the scheduled waste frequently in use are SW104, SW110, SW305, SW307, SW409 and SW410.

Scheduled waste contractors assigned by our company as below:-

No Contractor Name SW Code
1 Preference Lifecycle Resources Sdn. Bhd. SW104
2 Preference Megacycle Resources Sdn. Bhd. SW110
3 CLM Conservation (PG) Sdn. Bhd. SW305, SW307, SW409 & SW410

Scheduled waste disposal budget for year 2018 as below :-

No Description Cost (RM)
1 Packaging material 800.00
2 Disposal by contractor 2000.00
TOTAL 2800.00

Below charts show total scheduled waste inventory in factory between 180 days before ship out from factory in year 2016 until 2018.

Scheduled Waste Inventory 2016 - 2018